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All The proceeds from the online Thrift shop help support the New Day Reuse charitable mission helping the homeless, Veterans, underserved with free clothing and The New Day Youth empowerment program.

If you’re in the Saginaw MI area please visit our local Thrift store.

Thank you for your support of our mission

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Financial contributions raised on the New Day Thrift site are raised help fund our Youth Empowerment program, Textile ReUse & Recycling program, Free clothing for the Homeless, Veterans, Undeserved communities.

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Please Don’t throw clothing & shoes in the garbage Reduce Reuse Recycle! Your unwanted textiles have many uses when you decide you’re finished with them most commonly is Re-Use & Upcycling into Re-Usable items, if the items are at end of use or heavily damaged no problem they can be recycled into carpet padding, insulation, shredded down and re-manufactured into Sustainable Fashion.


Benefits of Thrifted Fashion

Did you know: Buying your clothes from a thrift store is one of the most sustainable ways to shop since no new resources are needed? Since they are often donated by locals, thrift store clothing has a low carbon footprint compared to new clothes that have traveled across the globe to get to you

Shopping secondhand is not only incredibly sustainable but can also be very affordable. Buying locally from thrift stores or online re-sale sites means you can still buy the brands you like without supporting their unethical practices.

The secondhand clothing industry’s environment benefits range from fewer carbon emissions to saving water and reducing waste. A garment that is purchased through the secondhand market reduces the need to manufacture a new item and thus saves resources.

Are Second hand clothes better for the Environment?

It keeps clothes out of landfill, and prevents the production of new clothing items. So, in this case, the answer seems simple. Yes, if you want to reduce your environmental impact, you should definitely shop for clothes second hand. At the same time, you can also extend the lifespan of your clothes in other ways.

Why thrift?

  • Re-wearing clothes reduces waste and pollution.

  • Second-hand clothes are less likely to end up in landfills.

  • Thrift stores make it easier to know where your money is going.

  • You’re helping our Charitable mission to Help the underserved community.

  • Thrifting is cheaper.

  • Secondhand clothing is often higher quality than comparatively-priced clothing.

Is thrift shopping a hobby?

In a way for anyone thrifting being a habit and hobby just makes sense. It is a means of saving money, helping the environment by repurposing or reusing older items, and finding unique items that fit your personality.

Shop with purpose. Thrifting is gentler on the environment by reducing pollution and waste. The average American throws away 81 pounds of clothes PER YEAR. That adds up to around 26 BILLION pounds of clothing going right to landfills.


Some of the brands we intake when recycling Textiles

Abercrombie & fitch, adidas, aeropostale, Torrid, american eagle, billabong, bke, charlotte russe, coach, converse, dc, forever 21.

free people, guess, h&m, hollister, hunter, jordans, la hearts, levi’s, lucky brand, lululemon, miss me, nike, obey, pink by Victoria’s secret, rebecca minkoff.

roxy, sperrys, steve madden, top shop, tory burch, true religion, uggs, under Armour, vans, vince camuto, Chicos.

Sag Harbor, Express, Polo Ralph Lauren, 7 for all mankind, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger.

 New Day ReUse & Thrift is not affiliated with any of the brands of textiles these are brands we find recycling.

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